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About us

Together we achieve more

Our agencies, content- and innovation partners have the same purpose; to create relevant, outstanding and result driven Customer Experiences for retailers, brands and marketers that want to keep moving forward.

We combine years of experience in the field of strategy, concepting, content creation and innovations in technology, to help building long term relationships with your customers. After all, that is what makes you stand out.

Relationships are based on trust that is build-up by numerous interactions between organizations and customers. It is important to meet expectations with consistence and even go beyond them. This means continuously working on valuable customer relationships.

Giesbers Group is helping clients with recognizing and reaching their target population on a daily basis. The main goal is always to build solid customer relationships.

The power of group synergy

Technologies develop faster than ever and translating strategies into visible marketing- and communication assets is getting more complex. Today’s customers are overrun by information and within seconds they select what is relevant and what is not. Therefore, an optimal customer journey, where various channels connect to each other, is essential. The interplay between data, marketing and content experts form the base to reach this goal. Nowadays it is not possible to provide the ‘on-stop-shop’ principle as an independent agency. No agency can master all these areas of expertise 100%.

The specialised, in-depended agencies in Giesbers Group all have a proven track record and are fully complementary, which makes it possible to set up complete marketing campaigns. Our marketing agencies; Giesbers Retail, Frizzon, Enabl and The Favourites are strong in their own field but also complement each other if needed. Hippo Creative Studios, a team of content creators who work for brands and agencies completes our proposition. Giesbers Group brings back synergy by combining all these areas of expertise. This means we have a broad view of the market and are able to handle every challenge while always keeping the Customer Experience in mind. Curious about the possibilities? We are happy to talk to you.