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Online doordrops

In collaboration with GAMMA we introduced the online doordrops. A smart integrated and interactive way to translate the physical distribution to an online one.

Based on consumer insights we are able to offer tailor-made content.
Mobile first, CTA buttons which are clear and easy to apply. A simple set up, filled with personalized products. There are many advantages. The GAMMA online doordrop gives the possibility to adjust up until the last moment. Next to internal data we use external variables like the weather and locations. We connect all that data, which is then interpreted by algorithms to offer more relevant offers.

When we started with the optimized online doordrops we directly noticed higher conversions. 16% more conversion and 30% more
traffic. We continuously build profiles based on the following questions;

  • How often does someone read?
  • What does someone read?
  • Which categories are interesting?
  • Where are the people reading? (location)
  • Urban or rural?
  • Which devices are used?

The customer is changing rapidly. More often he chooses his channel independently and expects his content to be personalized at the moment he wants it. It is not a surprise that the interest in online doordrops doubled the past five years. Logically, this demands another approach as its printed variant. Personalization based on continuously build profiles, last minute product changes and added CTA buttons are just a selection of aspects that should be considered in a world that is mobile first oriented.

It does not stop with building profiles and publications. Optimizing is an important pillar in its entirety. By using proper A/B tests we are able to measure which choices are most effective. The online doordrop-optimization of GAMMA proofs the positive effects with impressive results.